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Postural Correction

For many people, modern life is playing havoc with their posture.

  • Sitting at desks and computers
  • Standing behind counters
  • Lugging around laptops, briefcases and shopping
  • Misusing gym equipment
  • Etc!

can all cause long term muscle pain – often a result of an incorrect posture and the unbalanced use of certain muscle groups.

At Pure Active, we can help. We will work with you to analyse your complete posture, starting at your feet and working all the way up. We will look at how your muscles complement one another, identifying your body’s strengths and weaknesses. We will examine your flexibility, and work out what needs to be done to improve your posture.

Once we have completed this evaluation, we can design a unique remedial exercise plan just for you and your body. Through a series of corrective exercises, you will strengthen exactly the muscles that need to be strengthened – eliminating many of the problems connected to poor posture.

Give us a call for your no-obligations postural assessment.

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