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If you’re looking for tailored personal training designed to help you achieve your goals, Pure Active can help. We’ll work with you, discussing your targets and milestones, to figure out a realistic and achievable programme.


We all know that regular exercise will keep you both fit and, more importantly, healthy. However, fitness means different things to different people: whether you want to run a marathon, or would just like to be able to run for the bus without seeing stars, we’ll be able to help.

You tell us how fit you want to be, and Pure Active will design a plan specifically for you. We’ll be there with you whenever it gets a little tough, offering you all the support you’ll need to overcome the hurdles.

We all have days on which we’d rather do anything except lace up our trainers, but a problem shared is a problem halved, and with a friendly voice at your side you’ll find everything becomes that little bit easier.


Many people, particularly women, underestimate the value of working on your strength when trying to get into shape. In fact, muscles play a key role in keeping your metabolism active. By working on targeted muscle groups, you can increase your basic metabolic rate and the number of calories your body burns, even when you’re not doing anything!

What’s more, increased strength needn't mean bulging muscles. Less weight and more repetition means that you can simply tone up, rather than bulking up, and by focusing where you want to focus we can help you get the figure you've always wanted.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or just fancy losing some wobbly bits, give us a call.

Let us help!

Get in touch now to arrange your free, zero obligation consultation with Pure Active and find out how painless, exciting and fun we can make your personal training schedule.


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